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Marketing Stress Relief

I’m Rebecca Collett, the marketing coach for your small business growth and peace of mind.

It’s time for you to breathe again.

Together we will cut through the information overload and develop your marketing step-by-step, strategically and creatively.

You’ll leverage off my diverse business experience, insights and honest support, to create the business you want.

Coach, entrepreneur, business founder, ski bunny, author, cook, publisher, wannabe yogi, traveller, executor, explorer, financial services professional, guardian…These are my titles old and new, each with it’s own wild story that merges to make the whole. I’m embracing life, conquering fear and showing other business owners they can too.

I can’t wait to see the changes in you and your business!

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Tania Gray
Tania Gray Photography
One-on-One Power Hour

"Starting a business is a crazy ride. You know exactly what you are doing until the point where it all seems to pile up and you aren’t getting anywhere (for me anyway!) Rebecca has an amazing talent to help you break it all down into manageable size tasks and fresh and often easier, and smarter ways of doing things. So many of the hurdles I was facing are now realising they are not winning anymore. The beauty of this was Rebecca managed to achieve all of this with me in an all mighty power hour. Creating order where there was chaos - thank you Rebecca!"

Sharon Williams
Psychologist & Executive Coach
Snowed Under Solutions

"Rebecca has been a wonderful marketing advisor throughout my website and company rebranding. She was very prompt with all correspondence and offered multiple options for all aspects of the process. Any queries or suggestions that I had were considered and responded to with professionalism and she often countered with an improved suggestion…I am extremely happy with Rebecca’s service, I have employed her on multiple occasions and will continue to do so. Rebecca would be an asset to any business that wants to improve their marketability and image."

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