About Rebecca

Photo of Rebecca Collett artist Perth Australia holding paint brushes. Photo by Tania Gray Photography http://graymatter.net.au

Rebecca Collett here. I’m a painter and a ski bunny who loves Nature in all her fierce beauty.


Skiing snowy mountains, walking valley trails, mountain biking through the alpine, hugging a tree and breathing in clean cool air. Top it all off with a delicious iced coffee at the end and I’m in my happy place.


But why should we leave the emotional recharge, jaw dropping beauty, exhilaration and relaxation behind when we go home?


This is why I paint landscapes, winter scapes and nature scapes. I want to bring them back to life using texture, personal experiences and the freedom of a palette knife on canvas.


It’s time to breathe in nature and bring the outside in with art.

What I do

I merge nature, locations, emotions and sensations on canvas, painting predominantly with acrylic paints and palette knives.


Capturing a moment, the feelings evoked and the wind on your face, I want to remind you of a special time you’ve experienced in nature.


That is why I use negative space in my paintings, giving you breathing room and just enough details so you can see your own story, journey or memory.


A little bit abstract, a touch of impressionism and a dollop of expressionism.

Moving between these painting forms, sometimes the lines blur, but each painting is grounded in a place or time.


As the name suggests, Impressionism is where an artist gives the impression of what they are seeing.


The idea is to move beyond what you would see if you took out your camera and took a photo. When it works, the artist imbeds more into the image – the warmth of the light, the rustle in the grass, the sadness behind the smile.


Expressionism gives the artist the freedom to distort images or even get rid of the image altogether.


The focus is on conveying feelings and evoking emotions within you. The beauty of this is that I’m not telling you what to feel.


There’s no right or wrong interpretation.

Photo of Rebecca Collett artist Perth Australia. Photo by Tania Gray Photography http://graymatter.net.au
Negative Space

Contrary to the name, negative space is very good at giving you an exquisite sense of peace. It is the element that surrounds the painting’s subject matter e.g. the sunset surrounding the tree silhouette.


As negative space doesn’t immediately grab your attention, it provides a buffer, it gives you breathing room.


For me, the negative space is as important as the positive, if not more so. This is where the emotional connection and rejuvenation occurs, this is the space where I can lose myself and find myself.


Living in the Perth Hills of Western Australia surrounded by trees, I regularly escape the hot Perth summers and head to Canada. The pristine snow, majestic mountains, frozen lakes and snow tipped alpine trees provide a complete visual contrast to the beaches, eucalypts and gentle hills of Perth.

Photo of Rebecca Collett artist Perth Australia holding palette knives. Photo by Tania Gray Photography http://graymatter.net.au
Tools of the Trade

Textures fascinate me, so my favourite tools are a palette knife and structured acrylics. Nature is beautiful in her freedom of creation, so combining the palette knife with thick paint provides me with the freedom to let go and avoid constraints of perfectionism and replication.


My ultimate sense of achievement is when I generate a feeling of connection, when you want to reach out and touch the painting, when you can feel the chill in the air or the held breath of alpenglow.


This is a physical and emotional connection, not just a visual one, and textures help me achieve this.

Art Exhibitions & Art Markets

‘Art Market’

Inaugural Art Market

City of Stirling, WA

2 November 2019

This was the first art market held by the City of Stirling.


A diverse range of local Perth artists came together to provide art enthusiasts with a fantastic opportunity to view and buy art.

‘Bring the Outside In’

Solo Exhibition

Ellis House Art Centre

11-28 July 2019

This was my first solo exhibition and I wanted to share my love of nature with the viewer.


When we are outside enjoying nature, we’re moved to take a photo, inspired to capture a moment and the feelings evoked. All too quickly these digital reminders are forgotten in the technological ether. This body of work focused on bringing those moments back to life, through substance and texture, with a painting the viewer is drawn into.

‘Art UpMarket’

Art Market

University of WA

6 April 2019

A diverse range of local Perth artists were brought together to provide art enthusiasts with a fantastic opportunity to view and buy art.