Abstract Paintings, Mountain Landscapes

Breathe In Spring

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Abstract spring landscape


30" x 20" x 1.5"


Abstract Paintings, Mountain Landscapes

Title:    “Breathe In Spring”


Description:  Do you remember that incredible moment when you arrived somewhere beautiful and all the stress and worries left you? They rushed out on a heavy  exhalation, the air and congestion pushed from your lungs.


Beauty isn’t restricted to a location. Beauty could be the welcoming arms of a loved one, the heartfelt joy of a friend or great news you have been holding your breath for.


That feeling is what this painting reminds me of.


I can take a moment, a minute, an hour, a day, and breathe in spring. Spring, a time of growth and freshness, when the dust has been washed away and opportunities lie quietly waiting if we choose to look.


Media:    Acrylic on canvas


Price:    $325 AUD + shipping. If you like this style, but need other colours or size to sooth your soul, let me know. We can arrange a tailored piece just for you.


Shipping:   All original paintings are carefully packed and sent by a specialist art courier, within Australia and around the world.


Due to the variables of size and location, please contact me and I will provide a postage quote for you, before purchasing.

Close Up: "Breathe In Spring" by Rebecca Collett, May 2019
Border: "Breathe In Spring" by Rebecca Collett, May 2019
In Situ: "Breathe In Spring" by Rebecca Collett, May 2019
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