Mountain Landscapes

SOLD | The Long Exposure

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Dege Peak, Mount Rainier National Park


24" x 30" x 1"


Mountain Landscapes

SOLD  |  Please contact me if you have a winter landscape you would like painted


Title:    “The Long Exposure”


Description:    I follow landscape photographer Jake Gosline on Instagram ; he seems to have the same fascination with misty alpine scenes that I do!


When I saw his photo of Dege Peak in Mount Rainier National Park, I couldn’t wait to ask his permission to paint it.  In Jake’s words this is what the photo captured, “The low lying fog was moving quickly over the ridges and blanketed all but a few isolated pockets of trees in the forest below. I wanted to simultaneously capture the movement of the fog but also keep some of the fine detail so I went with a 5 second exposure. Any longer than that and the detail in the fog would be completely smoothed out.”


Trying to maintain those elements of movement and detail, I had to learn some new techniques for this painting.  I used palette knives and brushes, and countless layers were applied over multiple days to add depth. It felt strange painting and then nearly obscuring the details I had previously painted, , but those hidden details are what continue to draw me in every time I look at it.


In the close up photo below you can see the texture and small details of the trees peaking through the fog.


You can view and buy Jake’s prints on his website or check out his amazing photos on Instagram


Media:    Acrylic and palette knife on canvas


Shipping:    All original paintings are carefully packed and sent by a specialist art courier, within Australia and around the world.


Due to the variables of size and location, please contact me and I will provide a postage quote for you, before purchasing.

Close up: "The Long Exposure" by Rebecca Collett, September 2018. Mount Rainier
Close up: "The Long Exposure" by Rebecca Collett, September 2018. Mount Rainier
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