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Birch Trees I

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Birch Trees


20" x 16" x 3/8" (51x41x1.5cm)


Mountains & Landscapes

Title:    “Birch Trees I”


Description:    I wish I could photograph the way this painting changes with the light. As the sun disappears, the white of the birch trees glows while the delicate path and mist fade away.


The background on this canvas had been painted months before, and then it was left as I couldn’t decide what to do with it. There was a beckoning mystery in the purple haze and the disappearing path. Should I leave the painting as it was, with the background becoming the focus? After I finished “Fragile Strength“, I had the same violet paint on my palette and inspiration struck – the birch trees appeared from the mist!


This painting slips into the realm of semi abstract with the violet forest mist and the birch tree details picking up the same Australian Red Violet, an incredible colour with fascinating depth.


I hope you are drawn into this painting the way I am.


If you like birch trees, “Walk With Me” may find a special place in your heart.


Media:    Acrylic and palette knife on canvas


Price:    $145 AUD + shipping


Shipping:    All original paintings are carefully packed and sent via courier with tracking, within Australia and around the world.


Due to the variables of size and location, please contact me and I will provide a postage quote for you, before purchasing.

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