Abstract Painting, Mountains & Landscapes

Butterfly Unbound

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30" x 30" x 1.5" (76.5x76.5x4cm) Weight 2.5kg


$620 AUD


Abstract Painting, Mountains & Landscapes

Title:    “Butterfly Unbound”



Butterfly Unbound is part of the “Butterfly Unbound Series”.


This version is infused with greens of the forest, silvery light glinting off stormy oceans and the joy of red and pink butterflies.


Beauty and darkness. Chaos and tranquilly. Space and confinement. Sheltered and exposed. Strength and fragility.


These paintings embody so much of what I’ve felt during lockdown and beyond.


I’m drawn to the conflicts within them, the hope in the threat, the confinement that provides a way forward. The complexity and layers, in what at first glance, seems simple.


View the “Butterfly Unbound Series”:

“Butterfly Unbound, Libythea”




Did  you know that just like bees, butterflies are crucial for the environment? Not only are they beautiful, they have an important job as plant pollinators, and they provide population control for a number of plants, and even insect species, by eating them. They also serve as sustenance for other species.  Since they are so sensitive to changes in their ecosystems, scientists use butterfly population and behaviour shifts as metrics for changes and problems in local environments. If you are interested in finding out more about these beautiful creatures, read these short articles “What do butterflies do for the environment?” and “24 interesting butterfly facts”


And if you like this abstract style, have a look at these paintings, “Out of the Shadows”, “Alizarin Crimson Poppies”,  and “Resilience Grows”. Or if you have a specific space and size in mind, reach out to me.  I can create something tailored to your needs: colour, size, composition…


Is it time to release your inner butterfly?




Acrylic and palette knife on canvas



$620 AUD + shipping.



All original paintings are carefully packed and sent with tracking, within Australia and around the world. Due to the variables of size and location, contact me and I will provide a postage quote for you before purchasing.


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Close Up: "Butterfly Unbound" by Rebecca Collett, June 2020
Close Up: "Butterfly Unbound" by Rebecca Collett, June 2020
Close Up: "Butterfly Unbound" by Rebecca Collett, June 2020
In Situ: "Butterfly Unbound" by Rebecca Collett, June 2020
Close Up: "Butterfly Unbound" by Rebecca Collett, June 2020
Full Image: "Butterfly Unbound" by Rebecca Collett, June 2020
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