Mountains & Landscapes, Sold


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Mountain Triptych


72" x 36" x 1.5" (184 x 92 x 4cm). 6kg


Mountains & Landscapes, Sold

Commissioned Painting

This painting was requested after the client saw one of my mountain landscapes at an exhibition. She liked the style and colours, but needed a bigger painting to fill the large empty space above her TV.


We worked together to confirm the size, style, colour and price prior to the artwork commencing.


Once completed, this is what she said:

“Whoa! Looks awesome 😊. Love them.” – M

Commissioning a painting involves the following:

Price – This is dependent on the below factors, however, you’ll know the exact cost before I start painting. You’ll be invoiced 50% of the total prior to work starting; this helps with the costs of creating your painting. The remaining 50% will be due prior to delivery. You’ll be sent photos first so you can see the completed painting; unless you want to be surprised!


Colour – If you’ve seen the painting style/colours at an exhibition that you want, I can use those colours. If you have only seen my paintings online, I can create and provide you with a small colour sample, so you’ll know what they look like in real life.


Size – I’ll work with you to discover the size that will complement the space you have. If you send me the wall dimensions and a photo, I can create a rough mockup to help you visualise the results. Canvases come in standard sizes, or I can arrange a custom made size.


Composition – Let me know the style or send me a photo of the location you want painted. This will help me see what you are picturing and will help to make sure we are in accord.


Logistics/shipping – If you live in Perth we will discuss (potentially free) delivery or pick up options. If you live elsewhere, once we confirm the size of the painting you want, I will provide a quote for shipping. I’ll arrange packaging and shipping once the painting is complete.


Questions & Progress – I’ll keep you updated on the progress of your artwork and if you have any questions now or during the process, just ask and I’ll be happy to talk with you about a commissioned painting.

Full Image Triptych: "Mellifluous" by Rebecca Collett, May 2020
Close Up: "Mellifluous" by Rebecca Collett, May 2020
Close Up: "Mellifluous" by Rebecca Collett, May 2020
Close Up: "Mellifluous" by Rebecca Collett, May 2020
Close Up: "Mellifluous" by Rebecca Collett, May 2020
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