Abstract Painting

Mother Earth

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30" x 40" x 1.25" (76x102x3cm) Weight 3.7kg


$850 AUD


Abstract Painting

“Mother Earth” 



This painting is a little different for me, but not as much as you might think!


I wanted Mother Earth to embody our connection to nature and the changing landscape – inside us all, externally and the environment around us. I used light, yet warm colours, and a very dark blue to reflect the flowing rivers and undulating hills.


Her body is made up of tiny lines, like the fine capillaries of creeks and waterways as they merge together. As the light darkens there is a change, details becoming more pronounced and at other times fading. The dark blue border frames her – if you look closely you’ll see it is broken up with the appearance of wet textures and dry earth. 


If you like life drawings or paintings of the human body, check out “In All Her Glory”, “Embraced” and “Luminescent”. Need something different? Just let me know and we can arrange a custom piece.


Acrylic paint on professional grade, custom made canvas. The edges of the canvas are painted very dark blue to match the colour used on the front ‘frame’ in the painting. The foundation of the background colour is unbleached titanium, click here to see an accurate indication of this colour. Unfortunately light, cameras and different screens can play havoc with these softer colours.



AUD $850 (excluding shipping)



All original paintings are carefully packed and sent with tracking, within Australia and around the world.  Due to the variables of size and location, please contact me and I will provide a postage quote before purchase.


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Full Image: "Mother Earth" by Rebecca Collett, 2021
Close Up: "Mother Earth" by Rebecca Collett, 2021
Edges: "Mother Earth" by Rebecca Collett, 2021
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