Everlasting Flowers

Tall Poppies

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$780 AUD


18" x 36" x 1.5" (46x91.4x4cm) Weight 2.3kg


Everlasting Flowers

Title:    “Tall Poppies”




We are all Tall Poppies, we are just at different stages of growth.


Being a “Tall Poppy” often comes with negative connotations and a plethora of insidious comments – “Cut her down to size”, “Too big for her boots”, “Teacher’s pet”, “Who does she think she is?”, “Who’s she sleeping with?”…and those are the less insulting ones.


Striving to excel isn’t easy and it never ends. When it is driven by our passion, as opposed to it being dictated by a partner, boss, friend or parent, we don’t have much choice over it. Striving to excel is just a state of being. Fighting against it is futile and self-harming in the long run.


Competing against our own standards, issuing challenges and even celebrating our wins, is very much an internal dialogue and an individualised trajectory. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to shut out the external voices, which give weight to our own self doubts.


This painting reminds me that, even in dark and turbulent times, there is a way through. It reassures me that I’m not in isolation, I can allow the internal and external voices to move me forward, not hold me down.


Let’s embrace our different trajectories, give voice to the positive and enriching comments, celebrate our differences and remember, we are all Tall Poppies, we are just at different stages of growth.


If you like these poppies, ““Alizarin Crimson Poppies”“Resilience Grows”“Out of the Shadows” and “Fragile Strength” may find a place in your heart and home.


Media:    Acrylic and palette knife on canvas


Price:    $780 AUD + shipping


Shipping:  All original paintings are carefully packed and sent with tracking, within Australia and around the world.  Due to the variables of size and location, please contact me and I will provide a postage quote before purchase.


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Close up: "Tall Poppies" by Rebecca Collett. January 2019
Close up: "Tall Poppies" by Rebecca Collett. January 2019
"Tall Poppies" by Rebecca Collett. January 2019
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